Lies I Tell Myself

Something I’ve learned about myself the last year is I lie to myself.  A lot.  I let the devil on my left shoulder whispers lies into my ear.  The sad part, I believe those lies.

That faint whisper tells me I’m not good enough.  I don’t know enough.  I’m not talented enough.  Creative enough.  Knowledgeable.  I can’t make an impact.  No one will come if I offer.  No one wants to learn from me.  No one will invest.

So. Many. Lies.

I’m a strong, independent, stubborn woman.  But let me tell you, friend, that lying devil on my shoulder makes me weak.  Anyone else believes those lies we let ourselves believe?

Here are some other lies I tell myself

-I can’t have a successful business and be a mother
-Brides will stop booking when we have kids
-I don’t deserve my kind caring husband
-I don’t know enough to educate business creatives
-I’m not good enough to hang out with this group of creatives
-No one cares what I think
-I shouldn’t blog any of this

And that is wrong I’m going to stop believing in these lies.  I’m done.  From this point on, I’m flicking that devil off my shoulder, and I’m going to believe in myself.  And you should, too!

These lies we tell ourselves, we say these things and believe these things because we’re scared.  We’re scared of failure, but most importantly…

We’re afraid of success.

I want to teach business creatives how to blog and grow their business in ways they only dreamed were possible.  I’m done listening to the lies that I don’t know what I’m doing.  I’m not successful enough; people won’t want to learn.  Because you know what?!  THEY DO!!  I DO know what I’m doing.  I can help.  I will make a difference.

I will help a college student grow her business so she’s not another college grad statistic.  I will help a wife gain more freedom so she can spend more time with her husband instead of working a day job and hustling her dream job.  I will help that mom who wants so desperately to come home to her babies full time and work from home.

Starting right now, I’m going to believe in myself.  I’m going to design content that will help people grow their business.  That will change not only their life, but those around them.

It’s time!

It’s time for you to start believing in yourself.  Time for you to kick your own lying devil off your shoulder, lift that chin up, and walk with your shoulders high in the air.  You are worth it; you are talented, you can do it!  And when that devil makes camp on your shoulder again, come back to this post.  Read these words until you send that eviction notice!  YOU.CAN.DO.THIS.  I believe in you!


  1. Considering we started our business AFTER we had 4 kids … the one about not getting booked because you have kids is a total lie! <333

  2. Great post, Loren! Looking forward to following along on your journey this year!!

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