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I first met Nick at a meeting when I was a Bride!  I walked about from that meeting hiring Nick to be my videographer our my wedding, but also being hired by Nick to photograph HIS wedding!

I’ll be the first to admit that we come so close to not hiring a videographer for our wedding.  We booked my dream photographer and the budget just didn’t allow for it.  Or so I originally thought.  When we received our highlight reel from the wedding day, I bawled.  I bawled my freaking eyes out.  The video is such a beautiful keepsake that I can cherish every single day.

It’s because of the experience Josh and I had with Nick that allows me to refer Nick to all my Brides.  Because of the Hollywood production our highlight reel is, I share it during almost every consult I have.

I’m excited for you to get to know Nick a little bit better!  If you’re in the market for a videographer, get in contact with him!


Getting to know Nick

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Favorite Restaurant in Northeast Ohio
Luigi’s in Akron

What’s your favorite weekend activity when you don’t have a wedding?
Spending time with my nephews

Favorite Wedding Month?

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Getting Down to Business with this Ohio Wedding Videographer

What makes your business stand out from others?
We use multiple cameras at different angles to make sure everything is covered and makes your videos more interesting. We also give you fully edited videos of each of the day’s events and a highlight reel.

What wedding trend are you happy to see leave?
Guest interviews on video. Most guests don’t want to be on camera, and even if they do say something, it’s usually just “congratulations!” and not a personal message. A lot of brides are let down that only ten people out of 200 wanted to leave a message.

What wedding trend do you hope sticks around?
One location for prep, photos, ceremony, and reception. It always makes the bride and groom more relaxed because the schedule isn’t as restricted since there’s no travel.

Describe the PERFECT wedding
The bride and groom are relaxed, comfortable, and happy all day. Even the most beautiful weather and location can be overshadowed by a couple who look anxious or uncomfortable.

What’s the importance of your profession?  Why should a Bride hire a professional in your service?
A lot of people think a wedding video is a luxury item and isn’t necessary like a wedding photographer, and for some people, that may be true. But video allows you to hear the vows you spoke to each other, listen to the toasts, see your parents bust a move on the dance floor- none of which can really be captured through photos. So we view a wedding video to be just as important as photos, and it’s something your family (present and future!) can watch for years to come.

What to get in touch with Nick?

Website | Facebook

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