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Last week I talked about why having a blog and sharing content on that blog matters.  You can read about that here.  We’re going to take this idea one step further today.

The best blog posts share helpful information that your ideal client finds value in.  Ideally, you’ll blog two, three, four, maybe even five days a week.  You’ll share those posts the day they go live on your site and drive traffic to your blog.  You’ll hope that your client finds the information helpful, leaves the site learning something new, and then eventually contact you when they need to hire you for the service you provide.

What if one of those posts each week has content that can be shared, over and over again?  Content that doesn’t become outdated the week after next, or the month over next.  What if the just one blog post a month your audience can find useful any time of the year?  You’re not providing invaluable information because it doesn’t become dated.

Evergreen Content

According to Wordstream, evergreen content is SEO content that is continually relevant and stays “fresh” for readers.  When I write blog posts, I try to make 80% of my posts relevant and fresh.  I don’t blog about current trends in the wedding industry or the latest need-to-have wedding exercise.  I want my clients to find the content helpful today, tomorrow, even a year from now.

Evergreen Content Formats

Wordstream suggests the following qualities that evergreen content has:

  • Lists
  • Top Tips
  • Instructional “How To” Tutorials
  • Encyclopedia-esque Entries
  • Product Reviews
  • Videos

Here a four of examples of evergreen content on my blog now.  Two for brides, two for business creatives

  1. Boutique Bridal Dress Stores in Northeast Ohio
  2. How to Credit your Photographer
  3. Who is your Ideal Client
  4. MileIQ Mileage Tracker

These four posts have two different target audiences. However, they have similar characteristics.  They’re helpful, educational, relevant.  There’s lists, tips, and product reviews.

I can take these four posts and share them every week, and my audience will find them helpful not only on January 1st but also December 31st.  Thanks to CoSchedule, I can schedule these posts to be shared easily once a month if I want.

Benefits of Evergreen Content

One of the biggest benefits of writing evergreen content for your blog is the SEO!  Google loves when blog posts are useful.  Your goal should also be to use a keyword that ranks well in Google when someone searches for a solution to their problem.  For this post, someone might hear the term “evergreen” and can only think about the Christmas tree they decorate every December.

If you’re blogging about creating a timeline that allows for a stress-free wedding day, this post is going to be evergreen, but you’ll also focus the post around the keyword phase “wedding timeline”.

Ideas for Evergreen Content

If you’re finding the idea of evergreen content intimidating, DON’T!  Once you start blogging, I bet you’ll find you create more evergreen content that you initially thought.  Here are two examples of content I can think of right off the top of my head.

  1. FAQ’s
    The first place to look for evergreen content to write about is your FAQs.  These are questions that clients always need the answer to.
  2. Problem Solving
    Your target audience will ALWAYS encounter a situation they can’t solve.  Blog about a solution that you knows works.  For wedding photographers, we often meet couples who want well lit bridal portraits but have a 2 pm ceremony.  Write a blog post about the dreamy light at sunset

Do you already have Evergreen Content?

Chances are if you’ve blogged in the past, you have at least one post that would pass the test for evergreen content.  Review those posts, check for any grammar issues (I ALWAYS end up with at least two per posts), and share them again.

Chances are some of your most popular posts with the highest traffic have some element of evergreen content to them.  Update the posts, so they’re relevant and fresh and share them again!

Go out there and rock your content and give value to your clients!

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